Szabó Featured in Opera Canada Spring 2015

Opera Canada magazine’s Spring 2015 issue has a multi-page feature of Krisztina Szabó!


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Thoroughly Modern Mezzo

OC-coverThe story of Krisztina Szabo’s career is a study of what it takes to become a consummate professional
By Neil Crory, Opera Canada, Spring 2015

[Excerpt] It takes many skills to thrive in the world of singing and opera, and fans inside and outside the business all seem to agree that Krisztina Szabó has mastered them all. “She’s a riveting actress,” says Darryl Edwards, who has been the mezzo’s teacher and mentor for 25 years, “and she makes any music she sings her own, whether it’s Mozart or Schoenberg. She also has the ability to move one in a way few can. Plus she is a superb colleague who arrives solidly prepared, and while knowing her abilities, she is actually shy and humble in her work, and she is deferential to and respectful of the work of others. She exemplifies today’s modern singer.”

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